Alka Power provides you with a One-Stop Service

We Develop, Finance, Deliver, Integrate and Manage clean Green Energy Solutions by harnessing the earth’s natural resources such as Sun, Wind & Wave Power and optimizing Storage/ Conversions into the main power systems.

We are providing Governments & its utility companies with long term renewable energy directions based on a sustainable and predictable electrical power concept. Our successful collaborations not only enable a lasting legacy of renewable energy but also improve the local infrastructure and create local jobs with our value chain oriented sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide sustainable energy solution especially to developing countries in order to close the demand-supply gap. We think Energy is a facilitator for Health and Wealth. That is why we will contribute with our global expertise to help provide affordable electrical power for all.

With our environmental and socially responsible network of specialists we effectively evaluate and implement unique renewable energy opportunities. We leverage our bundled know-how to directly approach governments for Solar, Hydro and Wind license allocations. These successful collaborations not only present a lasting legacy of renewable energy. They also improve the local infrastructure and create local jobs with truly sustainable solutions.